School Fees


Tuition Fees (40 weeks)  $12,700.00
Or ($317.50 per week)

Short term costs $550.00 per week
This covers normal school tuition short term inclusive of ESL

Administation $ 300.00 ​(non refundable) 

Registration Fee $ 300.00 ​(non refundable) 


Placement Fee $ 250.00

Weekly Board Fee  $ 290.00

Short term board fee  $ 420.00

The placement fee includes the cost of finding and inspecting the homestay. Board payments cover the cost of homestay supervision, a furnished room, all meals and laundry.

Pastoral Care Fee $ 300.00 (non refundable)

Outdoor Education  $ 140.00

Pocket Money $10.00 per week over the entire year including school holidays

Trust Account $10.00 per week with the surplus refunded at the completion of study

Travel/Medical Insurance $ 590.00 For the entire year 

Transfer – Auckland airport to Tauranga  $ 240.00


A uniform is required for all students.  Allow approximately $  700.00

Additional Costs

Sports’ Team Registration

Out of School Tuition (eg. Music lessons,special courses)


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